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5 Things We Can Learn from Our Pets

By ChelsyRanard. | Dog Info

Animals are such amazing creatures. They are basically just walking bundles of joy.

5 Things We Can Learn from Our Pets

The cats, dogs, and other types of pets we have that join our families have very basic needs and desires. We, on the other hand, are much more complex creatures. We have a lot more emotions, responsibilities, and thoughts than our fuzzy family members. However, there is a lot that we can learn from our pets. Pets may have basic needs and thoughts, but we can learn a lot from how simple and pure our fuzzy friends are at heart.

If You’re Tired, Sleep

This may not be so easy to do, but it’s a lesson that we can learn from our animals. When an animal is tired, they sleep. This is a lesson in listening to our bodies. Animals are still very primal despite being domesticated. In truth, we can all learn a little bit by listening to those basic needs our body is trying to communicate to us. Getting enough sleep is something that can help many other areas of life. Not only will you feel more refreshed and energized, healthy sleep can increase memory and reduce stress. You probably don’t need to sleep as much as your cat, but it’s a lesson to work on getting enough sleep. Sometimes it’s easier said than done, but it’s something we can learn from our pets.

Being Active Is Fun

Don’t we all wish we loved walks as much as our dogs do? That’s probably an impossibility, but it’s something we can learn from them. Exercise is an important aspect of life and our animals tend to understand that a little more than the rest of us. Going to the gym is never as fun for us as a laser pointer is for our cats, or as much fun as an exercise wheel is for a hamster. However, it’s another important lesson. Exercise can be fun. Luckily, just having a pet is one way to exercise more. We should learn to appreciate our bodies and the activity they need from us in order to remain healthy. The outdoors are beautiful, activities can be fun, and our bodies relish the movement. Exercise is also great for mental health, better sleep, and overall happiness.

Family Is Everything

For our animals, we are their world. We have other things in life like work, school, friends, travel, hobbies, and responsibilities. Sometimes we get lost in all of the other things, but when you think about what really matters, it’s always family. This is one thing our animals seem to instinctively know. Being loyal and loving are characteristics that many animals understand in a much different way than we do. Animals understand the very basic skeleton of life in a much better way than we do since we are clouded with all of the complex thought and responsibilities. In reality, we can learn this lesson from our pets: family is everything.

Trust Your Feelings

Animals are all gut instinct. Being so reliant on their feelings is just another aspect of their primal beginnings and not the fuzzy balls of love sleeping in a fluffy bed every night they are now. When an animal perceives danger, they protect themselves. When they see something they love, they get excited. When they experience a pattern of behavior, they trust it. We tend to overthink things and question our judgment. For that reason, we can all take a lesson from our pets in understanding the importance of trusting our feelings. Granted, complex thought is often a lot more useful than instinct. For instance, complex thought teaches us that vacuums aren’t scary. Some dogs don’t seem to understand that, no matter how many times the vacuum doesn’t hurt them. However, in many cases, we should let go of overthinking and trust our own judgment.

Love Who You Are

Society teaches us about comparisons. However, animals don’t worry about comparisons like that. Animals are just happy being themselves. Whether they are big or little, a cat or a dog, or fluffy or sleek, they don’t spend their time worrying about wishing they were something else. It’s natural for us to wish we had something we didn’t, or to dislike something about ourselves, but spending time with an animal completely content in themselves is something to take note of. When you’re feeling down on yourself, or not loving every part of you, just think about your animal and how perfect they are. They don’t spend time worrying about what they aren’t, and you shouldn’t either. 

We may spend a lot of time teaching our animals to sit, listen, do tricks, and be potty trained, but the truth is that our animals can teach us many things as well. They may not be able to articulate these lessons for us, but they can be even more valuable. If your body needs sleep, get some sleep. Exercise is fun and important, family is the most valuable thing, trust your own judgment, and love who you are. Our animals may not be capable of the same thought processes we have, or be liable for certain responsibilities, but they are still able to teach us many things about ourselves. If you’re in need of some life lessons, just turn to your fuzzy family member for answers.


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 chelsy ranardChelsy Ranard

Chelsy is a writer from Montana who is now living in beautiful Boise, Idaho. She graduated with her journalism degree in 2012 from the University of Montana. She is passionate about animal rights, bad television, and white wine. She is a volunteer at Simply Cats in Boise.  



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